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Pangasius / Basa fillet cooked in the oven with onions, garlic, carrots and a bit of honey.

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For today’s recipe we are going to need a Pangasius/Basa fillet, an onion, a bit of garlic, grated carrot & parsnip, salt and pepper and a piece of baking sheet large enough to wrap the fish in it.

We take the piece of baking paper and put a layer of onion slices, grated carrot and parsnip and garlic.

On top of it we put the fish. We add salt and pepper and then another layer of onion slices, grated parsnip and carrot and garlic.

We wrap it up and we put it into the oven. Medium heat at most.

The fish meat will cook rather fast. The smell will totally give it away. Here’s how mine looked when I checked on it after 20 minutes…

Put honey on top. Not too much because it will be too sweet. Well, if u like it sweet then… go ahead! I even the honey with a spoon so that the crust is all over the fillet. Or if u don’t want the rather sweet taste, just add a bit of olive oil. Then, without wrapping it again, stick it into the oven until it turns brown. Enjoy!

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